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    Nabila Latif - BA(HONS) Accounting and Finance | Why I love my course

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    Why I love my course

    What do you think of accounting and finance? Accounting………………………. Boringggggggggggggggg

    There is the myth that accounting and finance course is not very practical; instead, it involves too many numbers. Well, let me tell you that there is much more to it than just a bunch of numbers. Accounting is a universal language of the business world and arguably could be considered a language that every individual will use once in a lifetime because knowingly or unknowingly, an individual applies accounting skills. Every person makes a financial decision where accounting skills come in handy, whether in calculating mortgage interest rate or creating a simple retirement plan. Accounting and finance knowledge and skills, in reality, are the fundamental aspects in leading a well maintained everyday life. Here are some facts before I get into why I love the accounting and finance course: ? The word accountant is a French word pronounced as 'Compter' with the literal meaning of counting. ? The bubble-gum was invented by an accountant, Walter Diemer.

    Reasons why I love accounting and finance course

    1. There is a lot to explore in this course From the outside perspective, accounting and finance course will get you thinking of crunching the big numbers, but while undertaking this course, I have been able to explore many topics which I would have never thought of when I picked this course. This course has allowed me to explore organisational law and has taught me when to apply my rights legally as an employee to how to protect my financial wealth. The skills that I have picked up from undertaking this course are highly beneficial in the business world, especially the ability to analyse the data and turning it into useful information. The aspect I enjoy most while undertaking this course was learning about budgetary control, as I think it is really fascinating to see how the numbers play a massive role in the decision making the process of a corporate, how one significant figure can determine the performance of an organisation.

    2. The skills and knowledge are transferrable The most critical skills that today's role require are ranging from communication to technical skills. The accounting and finance course has helped me develop skills through presentations, researching and writing reports, and IT skills. On numerous occasions, I have been able to work in teams and groups, which has helped advance my communications skills and my confidence as I have been allowed to come out of my comfort zone.

    3. Accredited qualifications I cannot even empathise enough how important it is to gain professional qualifications from an accounting course which are widely recognised by many professional bodies. The average cost of an accounting and finance professional body qualification can be around £10,000-15,000, which is a vast amount, plus it will be all self-study. By undertaking the accounting and finance course, I have been able to gain CIMA and ACCA qualifications included with my degree. To achieve full qualifications I can now go on to graduate schemes where some employers are willing to pay for the remaining qualifications and provide with a mentor and some time off to focus on your studies. Moreover, I was provided with a lot of support and help from lecturers, which I think would not have been possible if I decided to take the qualifications independently without attending the university and choosing this course. Many employers highly recognise these qualifications, and it helps graduates stand out in a very competitive labour market.

    4. Placement year By undertaking the accounting and finance course, students have the opportunity of undertaking a placement year. Now, I think this is really useful for individuals to gain practical experience in the study. It allows them to apply the knowledge and skills in a professional working environment that not many courses offer. Additionally, it will enable the student to rest from studying and see the course from a different perspective. It will allow the students to picture themselves in a career they want and see whether they enjoy it.

    5. Excellent career opportunities The last reason but not least as to why I love accounting and finance is the career opportunities it provides. The accounting career has been around since the 19th century, and the need for accountants in the business world is growing day by day. Having an accounting and finance degree opens numerous career opportunities in many sectors and industries; many crunchers aren't only required in financial services. They are needed everywhere, from a small mining business to large fashion business. Interestingly, it is not the only business that requires accountants but also individuals as well. Many famous people need an accountant to manage their wealth and to allocate their assets efficiently. A good analogy of the accounting and finance course would be a car's bonnet and what's underneath it. A career in accounting and finance is like holding the business's pillar from which the company operates. Imagine the world with no one speaking; it would be chaos in the same way; without an accountant managing the numbers, the business would be chaotic. THE WORLD'S GROWTH LIES WITHIN THE ACCOUNTING AND FINANCE KNOWLEDGE

    Thank you for reading my blog, and I hope you have enjoyed it and if you are curious, why not give the accounting and finance course a go and see where it takes you.

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