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    Mahwash Farooq - MSc. Global Healthcare Management |I LOVE MY COURSE

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    You never know what the future holds for you! Circumstances change in the blink of an eye and bring forward a bunch of opportunities for you to avail. I graduated in medicine last year fulfilling my passion to become a healthcare professional who aims to ease pain and suffering to the best of her abilities. Typically, after studying the medical qualification doctors pick a specialty and take residency programs. But I thought to give myself some time before entering into a healthcare setting. I heard about “Global Healthcare Management” quite a few times but I had no hint of myself being enrolled for it. Do I doubt my decision? Not at all! I’m rather proud of myself for taking a challenge of taking up a course that is not a direct extension to my previous field. I love what Eleanor Roosevelt says: “A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” It implies to anyone who tries to do something different but is worried about not being strong enough to make it.

    In the beginning I felt a bit hard in getting used to the learning system of I feel uplifted when I go through the different modules as they allow me to think out of the box and get more creative. I particularly like the way this course has been organized. It lets the course taker grasp the concepts gradually and feel a stronger command over them too. I also like the methods through which the content is delivered. While pandemic disrupted the routine of formal education, interactive platforms like Future Learn, Aula and Padlet don’t let us get bored of staring at the traditional Power Point Presentations. Future Learn holds a bunch of information that is organized in small sections that allow me to focus on one thing before jumping on to the other. It also lets peers share their ideas and answers to questions if asked. Live Sessions through Zoom are quite interesting as they are a source of face to face communication between teachers and students. But the funny part is most of us don’t turn on cameras for our very own reasons, you know right?

    The different modules which I have been studying are all unique in their own ways. Principles of Leadership and management takes most of my time as it carries countless concepts that will help me lead effectively in future. This module has changed my perspective towards concepts of leadership and management. The module leaders are quite friendly a helpful. They often share their experiences and I am able to get a clear picture of the content being delivered. I have always been a staunch supporter of being aware of oneself through self-reflection and it made me very happy to find these topics in our module. I strongly agree to the thoughts of my leader for this module, Jennifer Barnes-Hill, she says,“ Lead by example, don't expect others to do something that you would not do yourself, do something every day that challenges you.” Being someone with a medical background I hardly found political talk interesting. When I heard the name of the module “Policy, politics and Transforming Practice” I was not looking-forward to it as something that would encourage me to read through it. But as soon as I went through the module’s first short course on future learn I realized that it is not particularly “political” in its context. I got to learn about the role of policies in successful running of systems, healthcare to be precise.

    Things got easier as I became comfortable using zoom live sessions to interact with the module leader. I got awareness regarding lot of basic concepts which I had been ignoring due to my lack of interest in politics related subjects. I equally enjoy reading for this module now and I’m looking forward to get to learn more about it. I enjoy sharing my thoughts about the different topics and get instant counseling from my teachers too. “Globalization and Health” gained my interest from the first day as I believe it covers topics about disease etiology, management and control. There are many interesting cases and I enjoy listening to my class mates while they elaborate them and we exchange knowledge and crack jokes too. I know it is hard for us, not being able to learn on-campus. But we will all make through this, I know! In the meanwhile, I feel I can get used to reading from the screen for longer periods of time. Sometimes it gets overwhelming since I am more comfortable reading books in hardcopies. So far, I have managed to read enough to get along with the basics. I’m looking forward to visit Coventry soon. I have heard of its beautiful spring and historical connections. I want to end my blog through a little motto I always recall before starting and ending my day: “Cherish every moment!” Life gets much easier when we stop worrying about the things that are not in our control. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog. Have a great day!

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