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Student-led staff awards!

This is your chance to recognise staff who have made a positive impact on your student experience.

How it works:

  1. Upload your nomination statement or video
  2. A judging panel will review the nominations and decide a winner
  3. You will be contacted if you are selected to attend the awards ceremony (Only applicable to Coventry University, Coventry and CU Coventry students)

Nominate for...

Coventry University, London CU London CU Scarborough

Nominations for the Coventry University, Coventry campus and CU Coventry campus are now closed.

The winning staff members will be awarded at an awards ceremony.

All nominated staff will still be recognised and will receive a package containing a certificate along with some graphics to digitally celebrate and share within their networks.

Terms & Contact

Terms and Conditions can be found at


Coventry University, Coventry and CU Coventry:

CU London:

CU Scarborough:

Coventry University, London:

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