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Abbey Ojo, VP Welfare and Community

I'm Abbey Ojo, your VP Welfare and Community.

CUSU offers advice, activities, and support to help you outside your studies from housing and personal safety, to supporting your physical and mental wellbeing.


Coventry City

Far Gosford Street Shooting

The Police have been in touch with Coventry University Students' Union regarding the incident that took place on Thursday 17th, 2020 at 10:15pm at Far Gosford Street, Coventry that involved three people being injured.


Join the CUSU LGBTQ+ Inclusion Student Research Group!

Passionate about LGBTQ+ inclusion in higher education? Join our research group!


Disabled Students FAQ's - Starting university...

The Disabled Students Community at CUSU, have spoken with Disability Services to get the answers to your frequently asked questions, on starting or returning to Coventry University...

Disabled Students

10 effects of sport and exercise has on your physical and mental health

Head to our article to find out the 10 different ways sport and exercise affects your physical and mental health

Sports: Coventry

Meet the Student Wardens

We know that starting at university can be challenging, especially when moving to a city you are unfamiliar with. Find out what Student Wardens to do support you on your journey!

Student Safety Community


The Student Life Kahoot Quiz! Hosted By Abimbola Oja, VP Welfare & Inclusion
23rd September 7pm - 8pm
The Student Life Department at the Students' Union is your place to find out about the services and opportunities for volunteering, student safety, sustainability and mental health & wellbeing! Come take in our short Kahoot Quiz and find out more.
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Green Week 2021
8th March 9am - 14th March 7pm
Be part of our biggest sustainability campaign of the year!
i: Sustainability

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