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Student Safety

Our aim is to promote safety and create a more united community that everyone feels happy and safe to live in.

We partner with relevant groups, such as West Midlands Police and the Student Wardens, on creating campaigns that educate students on how to keep safe and encourage students to engage better with the community.

To keep up to date with the latest news, tips, and events join the Safer Living Community

Meet Protection Roadshows!
13th August midnight - 30th August midnight
The Hub, ground floor
The Protection Service will be running Drop In sessions throughout August! Come along for a quick chat with knowledgeable staff members and learn more about how to stay safe in Coventry!
Communities Fair
16th September 11am - 4:30pm
The Hub
Learn about the 15 fantastic communities CUSU has to offer you at the first fair of Welcome Festival 2019. It’s your chance to find out more about how the SU and University services can support and enhance your experience here.

Top 10 Student Safety Tips - Out-and-About

CUSU’s Student Life Team has compiled the following precautions to ensure your safety on the street.


Our Student Wardens have been working very closely with the University Campus Officer to make sure students know how to keep safe! One of our Wardens is here today to share some useful tips so keep reading to find out more...

Road Safety Week

The 19th - 25th November is National Road Safety Week and it's a great opportunity for us all to take a moment and think about out own road safety practices.