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Current location: Coventry

The Student Warden Scheme is a project that focuses on improving the relationship between local residents and students. If you're the kind of person who wants to make a difference for students within the community, the Student Warden Scheme may be the volunteering opportunity for you! Within the scheme we have a Patrols, Campaigns, and Promotions & Outreach team so there are a range of activities for you to get involved in that work towards building stronger community relations!

You can also follow our progress through our social media:


Patrols team

This team go out and talk to local residents and students living nearby to better understand neighbourhood issues. They are responsible for writing up patrol reports that summarise and highlight key neighbourhood concerns and inform other teams of key areas to focus their work on.  The Patrols team work with relevant groups within the community (e.g. Coventry City Council and West Midlands Police) to find useful resources to distribute when they go out on patrols.

Campaigns team

This team work on finding ways to tackle the neighbourhood issues identified by the patrols team including community relations, housing, safety and sustainability matters. They are responsible for organising interactive activities/events for engaging and educating students on their responsibilities as neighbours and producing informative student-friendly resources.

Promotions & Outreach team

These members work on promoting all Student Warden activities and allow residents and students to follow our progress by updating our social media (Facebook and Instagram), writing blog posts and articles, and representing the Wardens at community events (e.g. Resident Association and Community Forum meetings). They are also responsible for recruitment and organise activities to encourage more students to join us.