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Meet Your Staff Team at CUSU Coventry University London


Campus Officer - Immi


CUSU Coordinator - Dan Holmes

Hi I'm Dan, the CUSU Coordinator here at Coventry University London.

I've been involved with students' unions for around 4 years now, from being a student rep, part-time elected officer, sports team president and captain to working as a societies coordinator to now being the coordinator for the Coventry University London Campus. In this position I get the opportunity to work on a variety of different projects across all opportunities provided by CUSU as well as working alongside students from all different backgrounds and nationalities to organise events that are accessible to them. I also really like that I can see the progression within students during their involvement with the Students' Union and the realisation of what they can benefit from by being invovled with opportunities that we offer. One interesting thing about me is that despite living in the UK my whole life I'm a dual British and Australian citizen. My main goal for this year is to see the growth of our societies and them being successful. I want us to have a new society procedure in place to facilitate this.