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Coventry University Students' Union London runs our successful Rep System working closely with the University to ensure that your voice is heard at various levels around the London campus on a variety of topics. There are two aspects to the representation system our course reps and service reps. Each has a specific function to play in providing the student feedback.

What are Course Reps?

CUSU Course Reps and Senior Course Reps work in collaboration with Coventry University staff to improve the quality of every module. The Student Voice Forum is a great place to work with academics to create solutions for the problems on your course, as well as to give positive feedback and spread good practice!

Click here to apply to be a Course Rep

What are Service Reps?

The Service Representation system is in place to provide a forum for students to discuss feedback on university services. We recruit Service Reps each year who are students just like you to gather student feedback on services such as the Library, IT and Campus Improvement. They work closely with the relevant members of staff and attend Service Forums.

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What are Senior Course Reps?

Two senior course reps are recruited per department group. They take on one of two roles within the Student Voice Forum system. One senior course rep chairs the Student Voice Forum meetings whilst the other acts as a minute taker. This is a paid role.

Senior Course Rep Applications are currently closed at Coventry University London.

Here are some of the numerous benefits you can enjoy being a Rep:

Boost your CV – Becoming a Rep gives you the chance to get practical experience of numerous skills for your CV. Gain evidence of your capabilities in public speaking, leadership, problem-solving, formal meetings and communications. We also provide additional training sessions for you to sign up to which will help develop your skills for that all important career!

Network with staff and students – Reps are their own community. Reps can regularly meet formally and informally within their forums, departments, and campus and we hold many events that bring Reps from the whole university together. Reps can also meet senior staff from their subject area at meetings to discuss feedback from their peers.

Attend exclusive events – The Reps calendar at Coventry University London is one of the most vibrant events calendars on campus. From the very first week, you join us with sign up and information opportunities through to the end of term we are always hosting events exclusively for our Reps. Only Reps can attend events such as the variety of Rep social events and All Rep Conferences.

Exclusive Rep rewards – Every Rep who completes their role for the academic year gets a certificate to recognize their achievement. Some of our Rep roles also come with volunteer payments of up to £50 for the year (Senior Course Rep Job Description).

Further Opportunities – Becoming a Rep can open many doors for progression. Your experience as a Course Rep can lay the foundation for you to become a Senior Rep, or even run to be elected as a Campus Officer or Sabbatical Officer.