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Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Guidance for Students
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Are you pregnant or planning to get pregnant? Is your partner pregnant or planning to get pregnant? Are you becoming a parent through adoption? Find out what options and support are available to you during your time at Coventry University Group.

Financial Scams - What you Need to Know
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It’s really important to ensure you protect yourself from scams and fraud whilst studying at University. Read our article to understand the different types of scam and fraud schemes and how you can take steps to keep your finances safe.

Academic Misconduct - How your Students' Union Advice Centre can Support

If you're accused of academic misconduct, remember your Students' Union Advice Centre have trained and friendly advisors who are able to support you through the process.

Understanding your Right to Appeal
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You have the right to appeal your formal grade, however you can only submit an academic appeal for certain reasons and it has to be done within a specific timescale. In this article you will find helpful information on the reasons you can submit an appeal, the timescales involved and advice on how to submit an appeal.

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