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Society Spotlight- Adopt the Fashion Society

Societies are an amazing opportunity for you to start a new passion, or continue to grow one you already have! The Fashion Society is looking for a new home... could you help?!

Society Spotlight - Law

The Law Society have been regularly hosting guest speaker events this term, real world professionals with excellent experience join the society to help students learn about the real world. Read on to learn more about the Law Society, how to join, and some of their upcoming plans.

Society Spotlight- Coffee & a Chat with Psychology

Psychology have just started running their own 'Coffee & a Chat' every Wednesday and Friday to offer support during Lockdown 2.0. To find out more keep on reading! (Other beverages are accepted...)

Societies taking part in 'Movember'!

11 days into Movember and by now there will be some glorious attempts of Movember rustling on the top lip of many participants, and unfortunately for some there's a stark reminder of why you don't normally attempt to grow anything (myself included...). However a number of our societies have attempted to join in- find out how you can help donate below!

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