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Volunteering Dept news

Why student volunteering matters

Volunteering is a great way to enhance skills and give back to the community. During Student Volunteering Week, students are encouraged to find opportunities that best suit their interests

Are we thinking about volunteering all wrong?

Organisations need to better understand how they provide value to individuals and the broader network, not just meet the needs of a specific program, as we move towards a more decentralised world of doing good, writes Ebony Gaylor from REDxFutures.

Working for the UN is my dream

It is so hard not to be impressed on a first meeting with Loretta Obour, an MA student in International Relations. She lights up the room with her smile and her love for life and living is self-evident.

Volunteering Gave Me Confidence

When Randa Alsomali (pictured) from Saudi Arabia was considering where to do her Master’s degree, she did a lot of research before choosing to come to Coventry and, in the end, she is really glad she did!

Sheep run amok in the Hub

It was like a scene from “Carry on Farming” when the sheep from CUSU’s stress-busting event went berserk and did a runner in The Hub on Monday 29 April.

You get out as much as you put in

Kate Lawson is a second year student from Leicestershire who came to Coventry to study sociology. She lives in Coventry, even though it would be commutable from home because she didn’t want to ‘miss out on the full student experience’.

It wasn’t until her second year that Kate took up some of the volunteering opportunities through the University but even before she came here, she was already an active member of the guiding community.

Student Volunteering Week – You smashed it!

It has been something we’ve known for ages, but after the huge success of Student Volunteering Week, it has been confirmed – our student volunteers are totally AWESOME!

We set you a challenge at the start of the week to see if we could get pledges of 1,000 volunteering hours and we reached it in three days, hours pledged in total reached 1963 which is amazing!

Volunteering has given me friends for life

Odion Ibadin is a 3rd year law student from Nigeria and for the past few years, she has been one of the University’s most prolific student volunteers.

“It all began in my first year when I saw the variety of volunteering opportunities that were open to me,” said Odion.