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Wellbeing and Mental Health news

Dinosaur Dexter helping with childrens’ mental health

When Lucy Pearce started working on a project for her Fine Art and Illustration degree at Coventry University, she didn’t think that this would lead to becoming a published author a few months later!

Sexual Health Warwickshire - Free NHS Service!

Sexual Health Warwickshire is a free, confidential and easily accessible NHS service.

What is Wellbeing & Mental Health at CUSU?

Wellbeing & Mental Health
CUSU Wellbeing & Mental Health is a space to share your ideas, campaigns and concerns about Wellbeing & Mental Health at Coventry University.
We organise events and campaigns, share resources and services to help those who are suffering from Mental Ill Health – have an idea for a mental health activity or fundraiser? Let us know!

Mental Health and Wellbeing at CUSU
The Wellbeing & Mental Health team

We know this year will be especially challenging for a lot of students but we're here to help! We're taking a look back at some of what we did last year to give you a taste of what might be to come.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For help...

Meet Marzana Your Wellbeing & Mental Health Community Chair! When you meet someone who is passionate about Wellbeing and Mental health, it is hard not to get swept up by their enthusiasm.
This is the case when you first meet Marzana Mehdi, the new Chair of CUSU’s Wellbeing and Mental Health Community.

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