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My Green Matters

No matter how big or small, your footprint still plays a huge role in the stability of our environment. And in Coventry, a city holding a capacity of over 25,000 students, there are some impressive things you just have to know!

Students Urged to Get Vaccinated Against Meningitis

If you’re heading to University this year and have yet to be vaccinated against Meningitis, you might want to think about doing so. Click to read more.


Some more of my plans for the year ahead.

Freak it like a Fresher

Fresher’s week is over, lectures have officially started and fresher’s flu is hitting us all with a vengeance. Although the fun may seem like it’s over, we are submerged back into it on a weekly basis by our student nights out – when will our livers get a rest.

Welcome to The Students’ Union from the President

It’s my pleasure to welcome you on behalf of Coventry University Students’ Union (CUSU) to Coventry University.

One Month In

My fifth year of being involved in CUSU Societies.


Some of my ideas and plans for the year ahead for Volunteering.

Coventry Consumer Network warn of money mule scam to students

Students are warned to beware of criminal gangs targeting them to become money mules.

Council Tax and You

Find out about how your council tax works as as student

Autumn Elections

Find out more about our Autumn Elections, and how YOU can get involved!

Changing Lives Programme
The Changing Lives Programme

Find out more about the successful international volunteering programme Changing Lives