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Introducing your Humanities Education School Rep

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CUSU has a team of Education School Reps who are there to ensure your voice is heard on campus. They are students just like you and are always keen to hear about what can be done to improve your education. Find out more about your School Rep below:

Hi, I’m Adam and I’m YOUR Humanities Education School Rep. I’m in my fourth and final year studying History and Politics, having recently returned from my Study Abroad Year in Luxembourg. I love to help the various different communities within Coventry and further afield, so much of my time is devoted to this.

I’ve been involved in the Rep system since my first year and some successes have included ensuring that all humanities courses are decolonised, allowing more accurate representation in all of our courses. Feel free to talk to me about any ways our courses can improve, and also what is good about them too. I’ll be working hard this year to continue ensuring that every Humanities course in accessible to everyone.

Want to get in touch with me? Here's my email

I look forward to meeting many of you over the coming months. In the meantime sign up to be part of our Rep team here and help make a difference on campus.


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