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Run Your Own Campaign And Make A Difference!

Do you want to help make a difference in the world? Is there an issue that you're passionate about? Find out what you can do to make a change, in our free campaigns workshop!

If you’re passionate about a particular issue and want to make a difference, then you should consider campaigning – it’s a great way to amplify voices to create real, lasting change for your issue.

Not only that, but campaigning is a great way to gain valuable experience and develop your skills in leadership, management, problem solving and more. Not only that, but it demonstrates to future employers that you are driven, determined and passionate, which all adds to helping you land your dream role!

But what does campaigning actually mean and what will you have to do? Is it something that you can feasibly do alongside your studies? Well, the short answer is that campaigning is something that everyone can do -  but if you're not sure where to start it might seem a bit daunting.

That’s why we’re offering you a free campaigns workshop!

In this workshop, you’ll be guided through the campaigns process – from identifying your issue, to creating your campaign strategy and helping you to launch your own campaign. You don’t need to have had any experience in campaigns or activism before, but if you do, then great!

The workshop will be held on Thursday 23rd June, 4:00 - 6:00pm and will be ran from The POD Café, on Far Gosford Street, which is just a short walk from The Hub!

If you want to help to make the world a better place, then this is a great place to start.

To find out more, head to or sign up HERE.


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