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The Wellbeing Community Project: Your Successes in 2021!

Puppies, quizzes, crafts and more! A look back on the Wellbeing Projects YOU delivered in 2021.

This Semester saw the launch of a brand-new opportunity for students: The Wellbeing Community Project. This project provides students with the opportunity to run their own fully funded wellbeing and peer support projects. We’ve had some fantastic projects running this Semester and, with 2021 drawing to a close, it seems only right to take a look back and celebrate these amazing successes.


1. Puppy Yoga 

Let’s start off with the event that has probably been the highlight for many students this Semester – Puppy Yoga! 15 lucky students got to spend one blissful hour in a room full of the most adorable puppies, whilst participating in with a relaxing yoga session. This was a CUSU first, and the tickets sold out within minutes. You all said that it helped you to de-stress, relax and have some fun! Who wants to see this event again next Semester?!


2. Men’s Mental Health Awareness for International Men’s Day

This event was all about promoting discussion around men's mental health and helping to reduce the stigma around seeking support. There were some great talks from guest speakers, covering topics such as mindfulness and university support. Plus, to keep it fun, there was a huge quiz! Lots of prizes were given out and many of you said that it gave you the courage to speak up and get help with your mental health, which is amazing to hear!


3. The Big Student T-Break 

When you’re stressing over exams and deadlines, you need to make sure that you take a break to do something for yourself and have  some fun. That is exactly what The Big Student T-Break provided! A chilled-out afternoon of t-shirt and tote bag decorating, along with some snacks (and, of course, tea), with some incredible creativity on display! You guys said that you were feeling stressed and worried but that this event help you to relax, feel supported and meet other people.


4. Peer Support Group

A lot of you have expressed how difficult it’s been to meet new people this semester, well this project helps you do just that! Held every Wednesday in the Lanchester Library, the sessions are the perfect way to get together and have a chat about what’s been going on in your week, as well as doing some fun activities such as quizzes and puzzles. Plus, if something is on your mind, this group is a great place to open up about things that might be worrying you.

If you missed this one, don’t worry! The Peer Support Group will be re-starting again next Semester in January 2022 – check back on the CUSU events page for the exact date!  


5 .Festive Feast 

What better way to end the Semester than with a celebratory dinner featuring festive foods from around the world? Not only did this event help appease your stomachs but, for some of you, it helped to meet new people and make friends. It gave some  of you that much needed (and well deserved) break from studying and it allowed staff, students, and families to come together and share a hot meal. We also saw some more creative skills at work, and you helped make some holiday cards to give to those unable to go home over the winter break. It was definitely an event that helped spread some cheer!


So what’s next for the new semester in 2022? Well, we’re looking for your ideas! If you’ve been inspired by any of these projects and want to run your own wellbeing project, head to to find out how to apply!

Want to run a project but don’t know where to start? Get in touch! Drop an email to and we’ll get some ideas going!


All of these projects would not be possible without the funding from NHS Charities Together, working in conjunction with UHCW.


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