BBC/Imagineers Festival Museum of the Moon Event

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Would you like to take part in a new BBC One documentary called Wonders of the Moon?

The BBC in collaboration with The Festival of Imagineers, are giving students the opportunity to be involved in a filmed late event on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th September between 6pm and 12 midnight at Coventry Cathedral, 1 Hill Top, Coventry, CV1 5AB. They are looking for 100 people to join tthem for an exubarant evening of lunar fun, art installations, talks and moon cakes!

The one hour film will celebrate the intimate and visercal connection between the moon, our planet and us.  The moon's cultural significance will be explored from being an object of worship, to the source of enduring folklore and reveal the physical power of the moon to literally shape our world, through the ebb and flow of the tides. These stories will be told through the moon’s monthly cycle, following its ever changing face as it moves through from full to waning, new and waxing before becoming full once more.
Free refreshements will also be offered to attendees

Do you love the moon or have a lunar story to tell? For more information, click the Facebook page here and to register, click here


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