CUSU wins Internationalisation Students’ Union 2018!

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Over the last three years CUSU has strived to transform into an internationalised students’ union with the use of its strategic plan. This plan aims to celebrate and support all the diverse cultures and identities of students. 

A key element in educating and encouraging inclusivity within CUSU was the collaborative campaign #PieceofMe. This campaign was recognised by NUS as highly commendable as it demonstrated the positive impact the work of international students within the university and the wider community. It showcased the diversity the campus enjoys because of the incredible contribute international students make.  

CUSU’s vision to become an internationalisation Students’ Union was informed by the pillar which states:

CUSU shall support and celebrate cultures and interests of all members in their diverse identities; provide critical support for the University’s aims in the globalisation of education and develop relations with the University’s international partners.

To achieve this, numerous initiatives and activities were deployed such as:

  • Forming an International and Culture Committee which was created in order to better organise activities like One World Week that specifically bring students from different cultures together. 
  • Setting aside £5,000 for internationalisation activities and entertainment.
  • Increasing the make-up of its sabbatical team to 5 international students out of 6 roles.
  • Successfully lobbying the University to put in place an International Students Emergency Fund in Operation for International Students who find themselves in financial situation which they could not have foreseen at the beginning of their course. This allows them to apply for up to £1,000 of financial support.
  • Agreeing a new Sabbatical Officer role for Vice President Internationalisation and Culture which will be elected next month.

CUSU looks to continue its work as an internationalisation Students' Union in the future.


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