House of Lords amendments to the HE Bill - CUSU Executive Response

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Dear Students,

The House of Lords have taken one step forward in removing the link between tuition fees and the new Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF). This is a positive move as this could change the Government's plans to allow universities to charge higher tuition fees dependent upon their TEF rating (Gold, Silver or Bronze). The amendments also include removing a proposed link between the TEF and international student recruitment and a separate amendment for integrated voter registration during enrolment. Here at CUSU we believe ALL students should have fair and equal access to Higher Education; we value our diverse and global campus and welcome these amendments.

Last year we asked you what you thought about the plans to introduce the new Teaching Excellence Framework. Many of you were concerned about what an increase in tuition fees could mean for students here at Coventry University, especially the impact on those from lower socio-economic backgrounds. We put forward your responses to the Government, along with many other SU’s, and finally they are listening to us. Unfortunately, we will still see fees rise in line with inflation, but the proposed amendment will mean that you should not have to pay more for a quality education, and this is something every student should receive!

Although the proposed amendments still need to be approved by the House of Commons, we are pleased to share with you this positive news. We will continue to promote and support NUS campaigns such as ‘Quality Doesn’t Grow on Fees’ and we urge you to write to your local MP to ensure your voice is represented when MP’s vote on the final amendments.


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Kind regards


CUSU President and Vice-President for Education

Adebowale Adebiyi and Akanimo Enime


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