International Tournament Win for Coventry University Basketball Club

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Coventry University Men’s Basketball Club have returned victorious from their first ever international tournament in Cluj, Romania. 

The event was organised by Transylvania Basketball Tournament and lasted four days. In that time CUBB competed in 6 fixtures, and won the final 58-49.



Club president Luke Gregory was ecstatic with the club’s victory: "It was fantastic for the club to be given the opportunity to represent the University and our fellow athletes, in our inaugural international tournament.

"We had been looking forward to the experience prior to the event, and for us to return 'Champions' makes us all very proud.

"Our involvement within the Team Phoenix programme this season paid dividends as we took a relatively small squad, but were still able to compete physically and mentally against much larger rosters."



CUBB’s chosen squad represented the international appeal of basketball with players representing Britain, Romania, Lebanon, Lithuania and Italy.

The clubs victory comes after the news that the CUBB has been selected as a focus sport with the universities Performance Sport Programme: ‘Team Phoenix’.

The programme is designed to enhance, develop and improve individual skill sets, as well as, establish a team as an elite performer within the university.



Performance Sport Coordinator, Rob Eddon said “We are very proud of this group of student-athletes that have been an integral part of the Team Phoenix programme. They have managed to not only be successful ‘off the court’, but on it also.

“Team Phoenix exists to enhance the athlete lifestyle, and the student one simultaneously – we aim to develop and nurture young students into motivated, successful and responsible adults.

“For such a passionate group of Men’s Basketball players to return with the Tournament trophy, the Most Valuable Player Award, and the Defensive Player Award, as well as promote the respective programmes and University internationally speaks volumes.

“A huge thank you must also go to Coventry University’s ‘Centre for Global Engagement ‘ who assisted with funding avenues, to make this all possible."



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