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Top 10 Student Safety Tips - Out-and-About

We want you to have a brilliant experience while studying at Coventry University, but at the same time we take the safety of our students very seriously. Like every city, Coventry does experience crime. But the levels here are no higher than in other major cities across the UK and the world. With our advice and support, students can live sensibly and safely, enjoying city life to the max.  

Coventry Univerity Students' Union’s Safer Living Team has compiled the following precautions to ensure your safety on the street: 



If you are staying out later than usual, make sure someone you trust knows your whereabouts and what time you are meant to return. ?  



Always use?a?reputable?taxi?company?and preferably prebook if?possible.? Never get into an unlicensed taxi. It's also a good idea to save their number on your phone, carry their card, or download their app if they have one. Some companies also hire female drivers so don't be afraid to ask about this when booking.  



Don’t?accept?lifts from strangers?however?nice?they?may appear.?It’s always safer to prebook your own taxi.  



Be mindful of the routes you walk through, particularly when it's dark. Ideally you should stay in well-lit areas where there are plenty of people. Remember that the?shortest?route?may?not?be?the?safest!?Also consider carrying a personal attack alarm if this makes you feel safer - these are available for £2.25 from the University Protection Service.  



Make sure you are aware of the bus timetable, especially the last bus so you don't miss it! It’s always better to sit near other people or the driver when on the bus.   



Avoid walking with expensive valuables in clear sight (e.g. expensive headphones, mobile phones etc.) It's best not to walk with earphones in as well as that's often a sign that you have a phone, iPod, or other expensive item on you.?  



Always be aware of your surroundings! Don't allow yourself to be distracted by music or anything else. It’s always good to have an idea of who’s around you - you can use?reflections?from?shop?windows?or?car?wing?mirrors?to?see?who?is?there.?  



Consider?places?of?safety?in?the?area?that?you?could?go?to?if?necessary, e.g.?cafes,?shops?or 24-hour garages which usually have CCTV, security staff and a busy well-lit environment.  



Think twice before taking all your money and bank cards with you on a night out. You should only carry what you need and if you have to use a cash machine while out, make sure you are aware of your surroundings, including who’s around you. 



Always keep your phone with you at all times making sure it’s sufficiently charged and has enough credit on it. Keep your phone handy (i.e. not buried at the bottom of your bag) so you can quickly grab it when you need it. It’s also a good idea to store some emergency numbers on your phone so they can easily be contacted in the event of an emergency. 



The new I Heart Consent campaign launched by CUSU’s Women Students Community during Freshers through to October 2019. 

Coventry City Council’s Coventry Safe Spaces, which has run for the last few years in December for the festive period, will for the first time be running during Freshers 2019 and the Welcome Festival, and is aimed at Coventry University students. It’s all about providing a safe space during Friday and Saturday evenings in the heart of the city.  

Hate Crimes - Look out for CUSU’s Equity and Diversity Community’s new Hate Crime Awareness video, to be launched shortly. 

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Assault



  • Protection Services is a dedicated crime prevention team based on campus, and supply Ultraviolet (UV) marker pens, personal attack alarms and burglar alarm units to students. The team will make special visits to student accommodation houses to give free advice about security, you can contact Protection on 024 7765 7363. 

  • The team has a 24/7 response to incidents on campus or in University-owned accommodation and they staff a campus-wide CCTV surveillance system. If you are concerned about anything on campus call the emergency hotline on 024 7765 8555 (5555 on internal phones). 

  • A member of West Midlands Police Force also works closely with the University’s Protection Service helping to keep students safe on campus. You can contact the Police Liaison Officer on 024 7679 5967 or visit their office in the foyer of the Richard Crossman Building. 



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