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CUSU 2020 Gender Pay Gap Report

Organisations with 250 staff or more are required to report on their gender pay gap publicly and upload their data to the Government.

CUSU has decided to report on its gender pay gap even though we have less than 250 staff, as we want to support more transparency.

The report shows a 8.2% gender pay gap. The Government has stated that any organisation below a 10% gap is good and heading in the right direction. From our findings, we will continue to explore how we can attract more men to work at CUSU to create a more even gender balance.

CUSU believes in recruiting the best candidates into all roles, regardless of gender, and that opportunities are open and accessible to all.

The report attached is placed on our website for applicants to see. Click here to view report.

If anyone has any queries regarding the report, please do not hesitate to contact Sarah Carvell or John Abell.


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