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CUSU New Starters

CUSU New Starters

Hannah Beck – Equity and Diversity Coordinator


Hannah started in November as the new Equity and Diversity Coordinator. She is settling in really well and says everyone is lovely and that all the student officers are really enthusiastic and nice!

One thing Hannah really likes about her job is seeing the students being motivated and passionate about equity and diversity and collaborating across the communities.

Hannah wanted to work in the SU because has a background in students and with liberation groups so the job appealed to her.

She likes how open minded and forward thinking the SU is and how open to changes that benefit students it is.

Outside of work, Hannah is really passionate about theatre and performing and has recently performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Yasir Yeahia – Societies Coordinator

Yasir is settling in well, and everything is going good, he’s feeling happy.

One thing Yasir likes about his job is that he doesn’t have to travel far, unlike on his last job at Nottingham Trent SU. He likes how he feels a part of a big group here. He also likes how there is a lot of new people starting around the same time which makes starting feel a less scary!

Yasir wanted to work in the SU as he has always been interested in working in Students ’ Unions since he was the President at Queen Mary University London SU. He enjoys working with students and wants to make a positive impact on student life.

One thing Yasir likes about the SU is how fast paced and changing it is.

Yasir is really passionate about BAME work and likes to promote and practice his own faith. He enjoys football and supports arsenal.

Luke Austin – Faculty Engagement Coordinator

Luke is settling in well and is feeling good. He’s getting the hang of his role and figuring out what he has to do as there is a lot of information to take in.

Luke likes how relaxed his job is and how he can just get on with tasks. He says everyone is really friendly and likes how every day is different.

He wanted to work in the SU because he enjoyed being a part of the SU when he was a student here as he was the president of the basketball society. Luke liked the look of the role and thought it would suit him.

Luke likes how the SU is so inclusive and that there is always something going on. He likes how there is something for everyone here at CUSU.

In his spare time Luke enjoys football, basketball and going to the gym.

Saba Javed – Employability Administrator

Saba is settling in well, everyone is being really helpful and she is picking things up really well, she likes how there is a new challenge every day.

One thing Saba likes about her job so far is how interactive with students it is. She also likes learning about all the benefits we offer for students.

Saba wanted to work in the SU because she had experience in higher education before and thought the job looked interesting, as she had never experienced an SU that delivered lecturers before.

Saba likes how the SU offers so many different things to students and how big and diverse it is.

Outside of work, Saba enjoys reading; her favourite book is A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. She also enjoys baking.

Matt Cunningham – Student Activities Administrator

Matt is settling in good and says he has settled in quite quickly from being already familiar with people in the sports department from when he was a student.

One thing Matt likes about his job so far is the people and how he interacts with so many different students every day. He also likes working within his department as he enjoys sport.

Matt wanted to work in the SU because he enjoyed his experience with it as a student and being Men’s Football President.

One of the things Matt likes about the SU is how open plan and busy it is. He likes how he always sees new people and how everyone is so friendly.

Outside of work, Matt enjoys playing sport; he likes football in particular and supports Liverpool.

Patrick Tatarian – CU London Coordinator

Patrick is settling in well and getting used to the new pace of things. CU London’s friendly staff have really helped him to settle in!

One thing Patrick likes about his job is the dynamic nature, that no two days are repetitive or the same. As well as the flexibility of being able to make the job his own. He also enjoys the friendly atmosphere and having an opportunity to make a difference to the student experience at CU London. Having run his first election successfully there, he is already looking forward to the progress he will make on campus very soon.

Patrick enjoys working with diverse groups of students and young people; this was a passion that he has carried over from his previous position as a sabb at Kingston University.

Patrick is passionate about travel and likes getting to see the world and absorbing new and unique cultures. He would say he is a relatively extroverted person who likes being social and making new friends and getting to know new people.