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GEM Award Nominations Term 2 2018/19

Vanessa Enebi

Buddy Scheme

  • From scratch; creating exceptionally high quality documents and programs.
  • Being a great guide on advice and how to make the scheme successful.
  • Fantastic patience in making sure that all the right steps had been made.
  • Going above and beyond for a project regarding the training and behind the scenes work.
  • Receiving compliments from University staff on the success of the program including the International Office, Erasmus and faculty based staff.

Housing Fair

  • Played a vital part in the planning, preparations and execution for the Fair.
  • Well organised on the day with help from wardens and other volunteers.
  • Received great feedback from students using the 'Contracts Checker' with CM.
  • Made sure that the fair was informative for students' rights and information.


  • Has a fantastic group of Student Wardens who are constantly creating content and helping students and the local populace.
  • Well organised sub divisions means that students are picking up skills and traits in multiple fields.
  • Great collaboration works with other Communities such as WBMH & Volunteering.
  • Very supportive and encouraging of her Community Chairs in achieving their goals!

Office Etiquette

  • Forever helping people with dirty mugs (guilty!) and offering drinks.
  • Keeps the office morale high with great questions and relief.
  • Has been great in making sure new staff are welcomed.
  • Great with students who bombard us with a range and variety of enquiries.

Vanessa has an incredible work ethic, I'm incredibly grateful to be able to learn and work alongside her :)


Luke Allen x2

  1. Luke Allen put together the sleep-out and raised a huge amount of money, not only that he was able to generate a lot of interest which included newspaper interviews. Finally, he somehow managed to sleep outside in sub-zero temperature!


  1. Luke is always so helpful and goes above and beyond to help others. He has, on many occasions helped out when he's seen that I may need help even before I think I need the help! From offering to voluntarily help with technical/IT support at events to just always being able to count on. He is the kindest most thoughtful colleague I have ever worked with and is the true definition of a Gem!


Luke Austin

On the 31st January, Luke ran an open mic night in the Dark Room which was a huge success. There was over 20 acts performing and created a great atmosphere for the students. This was the first time Luke had ever done an event like this, it was brilliant.


Sophie Dunne

Sophie has been great in Reps this term. She's a great team player and will always help others to ensure the best experience for students. They are at the heart of everything she does and has been fantastic this term!!


Elle Crone

Elle 100% deserves the Gem award as she is always there to help and support be it from helping advertise events, create marketing plans or showing me how to use social media.

Majority of Marketing’s work goes unnoticed and always under constant demand as without marketing, we would not be able to highlight all the great things CUSU does.

Elle is more than deserving of the Gem award for all the amazing work she does and her dedication to her role.


Lauren Osgood

Lauren has worked so hard to deliver an amazing Chinese New Year celebration. There were many barriers to the events this year, communication, CSSA, society not following process, very minimal support from university partnerships as per previous years but Lauren took on every battle and succeeded with a sell-out event of 640 tickets, Lauren utilised every communication tool available too her to ensure the event was a huge success. The event was executed well, the show was a big success after only managing to get half the acts to rehearse.  Credit to Lauren for this huge effort. She certainly deserves this GEM award.


Ella Hughes

Ella has been a great asset to the HR team, she is friendly, enthusiastic and shows great initiative. Ella’s customer service skills have been noted by candidates too, who have praised her to interview panels for being so helpful and reassuring.

Ella has encouraged staff engagement through the pedometer challenge, CUSU Connect articles and Christmas celebrations.

Since Ella has been coordinating the stationary, she has managed to reduce costs and recycle equipment, creating efficiency savings for CUSU.

Ella is a great team player and has helped to cover reception too. Nothing phases her and she is always positive and professional.

Even if Ella doesn’t know the answer to a question, she will be sure to find out the answer and provide updates promptly.

Ella has achieved a lot in her first 6 months whilst balancing her college work alongside CUSU.


Ash Plummer

For her continued efficiency, support and hard work. Always there to help and always with a smile and enthusiasm!


Dan Holmes

Dan has worked really hard throughout the past two terms and this term particularly has seen the work come to fruition. Feedback from the University has been positive about the increased society engagement, better rep numbers and processes, as well as catering more and more to our international, PG cohort. We are addressing broad ranging student issues in the area of mental health and this is seen clearly in Dan's work to get FIKA on board with our students. The quote below exemplifies the approach that Dan has taken to this aspect and should be recognized with a GEM award.

"We strongly believe at Fika that when feeling connected, supported and empowered, people will flourish and succeed in their goals. We are on a mission to mainstream emotional fitness and know that the Student Union at Coventry University London embodies this mission because of how much they care about their student community. Each single student defines what the student experience is like for all the others, and understanding how to engage and support their students is crucial to how students develop themselves. The Student Union at Coventry University London understand this well and we are proud to be working them, inspired by their tireless efforts to elevate their students to the next level."

Further to this the launch of Coventry University London's first LGBTQIA+ society is a great addition to our ability to represent a diverse range of student groups. The growth that Dan is now overseeing in all areas of CUSU deserves a GEM Award.


Sue Davies

Sue's contribution to the Festival of Running has been fantastic. We've asked a lot of her and she's done it all. Handling irate entrants, difficult local businesses, last minute requests, and generally keeping us (well, certainly me!) honest. She's been consistently great at keeping us on track, and I think her contribution has exceeded any expectation we could've placed on her.


Liam Bligh

I believe Liam is deserving of the Gem award this term for all his hard work during the elections period, without the elected officers we would not be able to do our jobs. With the elections this time have a phenomenal amount of positions available from president to school reps. Also this term we have also had the ASC during the busy election period and question time being filmed in The Tank which looked absolutely awesome.

Liam is someone who always gives 110% and works greatly with everyone and is more than deserving of the Gem Award