Spring Elections, 18-22 March

GEM Award Nominations

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Andy Bayston

Andy has made a complete difference to our reception and stock rooms. He has totally rearranged the repo room which has made our lives so much easier! In the 4 years I have worked here ive never seen it look so good. He has also organised and managed the junction clear outs which you can already see a huge difference. Not only has he done this off his own back, he has organsied and completed everything staying late most days to ensure its finished. It has taken a lot of hard work and its really been appreicated by the reception staff! Not only has this helped us but it will help CUSU moving forward.


Ray Chan

Continued hard work and dedication to the role.


Joel Davidson

All round brilliant colleague, great to work with, always positive and helpful. Produces great work for CUSU with witty, uplifting, original ideas. Tall.


Kirsty Hunter x 2

For being professional and providing an excellent level of support to team members and for regularly being proactive and providing an excellent service to departments.


Continued hard work and commitment to the role


Adrien Lennon

Adrien has taken on the temporary role of marketing manager, supporting the 5 marketing coordinators from getting them desks in 1.25 to putting in place processes which will in turn support the every CUSU department (watch this space!). Adrien has gone above and beyond her call of duty, and done everything in her stride to help the MCs become a real team.


Ashleigh Plummer x 2

Ashleigh always goes above and beyond, nothing is ever a problem. She is friendly and approachable and always goes the extra mile!

Ashleigh has always gone above and beyond to enhance our staff experience. She does her best to resolve any issues, while staying upbeat and friendly which helps! She also supports and helps other departments which I truly appreciate.


Reps Coordinators x 2

The Rep Team have been integral in transitioning new students into the Rep system by hosting events like Battle of Faculties and Rep Conferences in this 2nd term. The Rep team have also created many links with Coventry University staff to build stronger relationships and improve on the current Rep System with the team surpassing there best ever Rep Numbers. The Rep Team members are all passionate, caring and supporting to not only reps but all of CUSU.


For all their hard work on Reps events over the year, pulling in a great attendance at all rep events they have held. From the Reps Big Quiz which filled Sq1, two great All Reps Conferences, The Battle of the Faculties Night as well as the Welcome Events and Coffee and Cake mornings. They are a great example of what can be achieved when working together as a team, they recognise and utilise their range of individual skills to compliment one another in organising and coordinating great events and a fantastic rep system. Team Reps! Also recognised by Paul Burt below:

Hi all thank you for working together to produce a fantastic reps event today!??

I have noticed that there have been lots of successful reps events (PG mornings/ quiz as well as the normal reps meetings) throughout the year and I am very proud of you for delivering them successfully and without fuss.

You are a great team and remember you are making a difference to our reps and helping them also to make a difference to all students ??


Emma Weir

You came to our office and made me do push-ups before I'd even had lunch and that take guts and I like guts.


Elaine Witham

Elaine works so hard day-to-day to do the best for both her team and for the students she works with. She is a very modest person, and because of this I feel the work she does, and the dedication to her role she has, may not always get recognised. Elaine always shows real care and concern over her work and you can tell that she truly wants to best outcome for all the students on her modules. She is always happy to help others with their workload, and never complains. Elaine is a great teacher and makes her sessions engaging for her students, as well as giving them the time and attention they need to achieve their goals.

Elaine is a real team player and I'm sure a lot of the staff in CUSU would agree, she is a really friendly member of our organisation, who makes us all smile and laugh whenever she can. She constantly goes above and beyond in all areas of her work, and that's why I think she's a gem! :)


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