GEM Award Nominations - Term 3

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Winner will be announced at the CUSU away day on 29th June.


The Reps Team x 3

Zach Featherstone, Sean Rafferty, Luke Allen, Abbee Pule, Adrien Lennon and Grace Cappy.

This team should win the Gem Award as they work so well together as a team.

With all of the change that has taken place this year and with 3 new team members, this team has adapted to the changes.

They support and help each other whenever needed. I feel proud to work as part of this team and I feel they are a credit to CUSU.


The Reps team have continued to devote their efforts for the better of the students all while the chaos of the marketing team has been put upon them.

Not only have the reps team shared their space, they have also shared their manager. 

Thank you for making the marketing team feel welcome and supporting one another day in day out.


They work well as a team to ensure their students’ needs are met, often going above and beyond and always ensure they are supportive to one another.

They use their teamwork to resolve issues quickly once arisen and are a real family of support.

They frequently come up with new ideas to develop and support themselves as staff members and their students and don’t shy away from getting involved in improving the student experience for their students.

It’s amazing and inspiring to see the great working relationships they have with their reps, being almost mentors to the majority of them.

CUSU would not be the same without this team, as they offer so much to the department and to representing CUSU as a whole.


The Employability Team x 2

Devina Whitwell, Laura Hunt, Elaine Witham, Ben Davies Thompson, Marian White, Lydia Robinson

The Employability team have done a great job of assessing students' work, submitting accurate documentation and in a timely fashion.

CUSU Addvantage modules have the most number of students every recruited at 800+ in 17/18. Running the modules is a source of income but also a source of work. All students' work has to be assessed and then a sample of the work moderated by another lecturer in the department. Then a sample of that work goes to an external assessor to be moderated again... there is a triple check.

There is also a hefty amount of paperwork to be assembled and submitted to the external examiner for them to check that CUSUs' course are fair, accurate and appropriate. All this needs to be achieved by late May. The timeline is quite tight.

The Employability department successfully met every deadline set by the university and fulfilled all the tasks suitably. Even when there was a last minute issue due to circumstances that couldn't be predicted, the issue was resolved quickly as a team with a minimum of fuss.

The External Examiner praised CUSU modules and no negative comments were received. The same cant be said for other areas of the university.

As we move to having 1000 students next year, CUSU can be confident of an efficient and able team who can deliver our modules.


Over the last academic year, the Employability team have continued to go from strength to strength. With 3 new Team members, they have gelled well as a team and work hard to produce results for the students to which the department serves.

They have successfully implemented new modules which have proven very popular.

They work efficiently and productively to provide an excellent service to the students but also work on creating new opportunities outside of the modules to support a range of students.

This year we have had 3 additional projects run successfully in school and more non-module students placed in school than ever before.

There are over 800 students enrolled on the modules which is just under 200 more than the previous year and the team are on target to have 1000 students enrolled for next year

On top of a teaching timetable with all that entails, the team have ensured that over 500 students have had CV enhancing opportunities in schools and within the SU.

Their commitment and dedication to good quality services has been noted around the University in ACO cases and Subject Assessment Board meetings, as to the quality of the feedback, data and record keeping that is held.

For this reason, I am nominating the Employability team for a Gem Award to recognise the hard work that they do.


Louise Wheeler, Charlotte McCann

Lou and Charlotte continue to provide an excellent, friendly and informative service to both students and staff, doing so with constant enthusiasm, helpfulness and patience.

The fact this sometimes goes unnoticed is a testament to the faultless job they do!


Susan Salisbury

Sue is priceless.  Without her years of knowledge and willingness to support, we in the advice centre would struggle to offer the quality and breadth of advice that we do. 

We are always very stretched and because of this don't do as much training as we should. However, this is counteracted by Sue's immense knowledge and skills. 

Sue goes above and beyond her role to offer the team support. Sue is always there to offer us guidance and assistance. 

She has worked for the advice centre for over 21 years, in this time she has supported and trained countless staff and assisted 100s if not 1000s of students to stay on course and personally, empowered me and enriched my knowledge, assisting me to become a competent and confident student advisor. 

She is the centre pin of the advice centre and the person that furnishes us with the required skills and knowledge which makes us a strong and resilient department that is well respected by the university and external bodies, not only by the students we help. 

In addition, she always has time to offer staff advice and support and a confidential ear. 

She knows all there is to know, she can pinpoint a policy without having to look for it, she knows who to contact around the university due to the strong and lasting professional relationships she has built and never hesitates to share this with us. 

Sue is a true asset to CUSU and without her, we would not be the department we are. 

Sue goes above and beyond her responsibilities, willingly, every single day and deserves recognition.


Alice Cross-Watson

I am nominating Alice for a Gem award due to always being there too for CU Group and Satellite Campuses and recently organised the CU Coventry Student Engagement Fair ensuring the event ran smoothly and successfully with a great turnout.

Alice is always there to help and wanting to get engaged in all areas, willing to reach into the unknown for new ideas to and overall someone who always smiles and stays happy.


Zach Featherstone

I am nominating Zach for a Gem award for being the father of the Reps team and always being there to support and guide us, with some of the tasks listed below:

• Promoted Reps at the CU Coventry Student Engagement Fair

• Setting up Senior Course Rep Interviews and ensuring they ran smoothly

• Working on the Training for the 2018/19 Reps

Zach is an essential part of the Reps team and a spearhead of the team even though he always pestering us on admin and eating Subways.


Julia Magnus-George

I am nominating Julia for a Gem award for always going above and beyond the call of duty, with a few of the tasks listed below:

• Promoted Societies at the CU Coventry Student Engagement Fair

• Ensuring Society’s got their limelight at the CUSU Awards

• Delivering awesome training to all new society committees

Julia has not only been great for societies but a star for Hub 1.25 with her doing the morning Tea and Coffee run and brightening up the office (Do you know she’s a Vegetarian?)


Luke Allen

Awesome commitment to students at CU Coventry to put on a nice event for them.

Ray Chan

Ray has put a lot of work into making CUSU compliant with GDPR. This goes above and beyond his normal duties as there is a huge responsibility to ensure that we meet the regulations especially online.

He has reconfigured areas of the website and he has also designed and developed a totally new application which is something that MSL does not provide.

This is a fantastic piece of work; he has used his talents and expertise to enable job applicants to apply for vacancies securely and bespoked the application to meet our equal opportunities policies, plus saving CUSU a lot of money by not going to an external provider.

He has also worked hard ensuring that specific consents and privacy notices around our website are in place and active. This work is highly important to ensure the data we hold is safe and meets our legal obligations.


Emma Weir

Having to go above and beyond in her role to help create media work for an event at short notice.

She has worked with several departments this term to engage students in sport and has helped reduce stress for students with sports activities in the Hub


Adrien Lennon

Adrien has been a brilliant support to marketing and is really making a difference not only in the marketing department but in the organisation as a whole.

Knowing marketing have a manager they can go to and trust has made a massive difference. 

Adrien has been able to achieve all this while also managing the Reps team, being able to manage two teams (and make it look easy!) is an achievement in itself and I can't thank her enough for her hard work.


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