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GEM Award winner term 2 2020-2021

Thank You To Everyone Who Nominated A GEM Candidate For Term 2 2020/2021 And Well Done To All Of Those Nominated!

Members Of SEC And The Sabbs Decided Who They Thought Should Win This Term's GEM Award And The Decision Has Been Made.

The Winner For This Term Is... LIAM BLIGH!


Liams nominatiions were;

Excellent work with the election process considering things had to be different this year. Liam managed a lot of the preparation in a short amount of time by encouraging other staff to participate to support candidates with their welfare and development. He worked along with the Comms team to ensure scheduled communication was a priority and timely; basically, he pulled a lot of the work together which has truly paid off. This has shown by the huge number of nominations received and an increase of candidates running this year. The engagement has been outstanding and was not expected to reach 3523 voters in 24 hours and votes 22,682 received. Thank you for putting in extra hours and hard work - well done Liam!


I know they will just say they were doing their job but it is still important to note that they have definitely gone above and beyond for the successful delivery of CUSU Elections this year. This year elections was always going to be different in relation to COVID but we also tried a lot of new initiatives as well as a project management approach. Liam took this in their stride taking on the thoughts and idea of others across the organisation and working to ensure initiatives were delivered even with the difficulties of lockdown, furlough and other things that popped up that could have easily meant some of the initiatives were not carried out. The success of these elections is a credit to Liam and those of the organisation that they have worked with.

Current selection: No