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GEM Nominations Term 1 2021/22

GEM nominations for Term 1

Ruth Randall

Ruth is a marking superstar! She managed to catch up despite being really poorly with COVID for 10 days during the marking period. She has demonstrated her dedication not only for her role, but for our students!
You might think marking is something that she needs to do, but she has exceeding the daily marking quota and made an already tight deadline. She deserves an additional day off work??


Abbee Pule

Always a pleasure to work on a project with Abbee, she well organised and structured in her approach. She understands the obstacles and works hard to overcome them thinking outside the box.


Madison Whitwell

Madison over the last few months has been a key member of the Phoenix Creative team and been able to support and work across both graphics and multimedia projects. Always willing to support and collaborate to deliver outstanding results. While on a shoot for WMCA pre Christmas, Madison's support to encouragement to our models for our Kick-start campaign was amazing. She was able to relax and encourage our kick-starters to take part and be interviewed as well her filming behind the scenes footage. Thank you for all your hard work.


Lavinia Botirca

Lavi has continued to support Phoenix Creative with all multimedia output and always conducts herself with professionalism and a smile. 

She has been able to juggle a number of external and CUSU projects and always delivers on time, often exceeding client expectations.
Lavi has received outstanding feedback on recent projects for CUSU as well as for West Midlands Combined Authority.


Sarah Richards

Sarah’s work ethic is outstanding and always goes to the extra the mile to deliver all projects on time and to a high standard. As a team, Phoenix Creative collaborate to drive and deliver the best results and Sarah leads from the front with her work, passion and commitment  which has resulted in our continued success and reputation.


Anthony Gibbons

Anthony has hit the grown running since joining the team.  Not only supporting PC with its commercial clients but also where possible working to build links and relationships to support our members, from volunteering and internship opportunities and opening up conversations with our clients.


The Movember Lads

I know group nominations don't count so they can't win but it would be nice to give the lads an honourable mention as they raised over £500 and there was some good efforts to create a bit of fun for the organisation in the process.


Hannah Beck

Hannah has done incredible work this semester, leading a new team to produce a staggering range and quantity of work including some of the most successful events we've ever run (during one of our most challenging times to engage students) and work on vital campaigns.

During Welcome alone she led on Tunes & Chill, daily Hidden Gems and City Walking Tours, Sex Talks, Lush Workshops, The Big Draw, Equali-tea, Pets as Therapy, Craftivism, Digital Yoga, the mural, and the relaunch of the International Buddies cafe, and supported a range of other Welcome events. This all on top of assessing *every single activity proposed for Welcome by every department* for accessibility and inclusion.

Her events leadership has continued throughout the semester with incredible feedback from attendees, and what I think must be some of our most in-demand events in some years if not ever. (I'll run out of characters if I try to list them all but they've spanned Housing, Wellbeing, Safety, BHM, WMHD, Men's Health, Breast Cancer, DHM and more).

She has been an integral part of CUSU's involvement in the University's peer-mentoring schemes, ensuring the needs of students are voiced in the platform's ongoing development and ensuring our programmes are still the most successful.

She has supported students in obtaining funding for and delivering an open call competition for accessible signage. She's continued to lead on our Sexual Violence working group, and worked on our Drink Spiking campaign. She's introduced follow-up research to better understand the effectiveness of her team's work. And no doubt many many more things that I'm forgetting or don't even know happened!

When you consider the breadth of communities that Hannah's work relates to it would be easy to cherry-pick and perhaps ignore some areas purely due to capacity constraints. It's pretty clear that Hannah has gone well above and beyond to deliver what she has.


Zach Featherstone

Amazing Manager!!


Adrien James

She is an amazing manager who cares about her team.


Liam Bligh

Liam has been an absolute gem, over the last few months helping me get used to being back in the office. He is always prepared to help me set up when bits of tech are missing and responds quickly when replacing broken equipment too. He even helped me out when I needed a mini-protector to deliver City Host training.


Debra Jackson

Debra has recently taken on a Management role in the Employability Team, however she supported me in a management-style fashion for months before this! As a new member of staff, Debra has taken extra time out of her day many times to support me with all aspects of my role, and is always on hand for me to bounce any ideas off, or for me to direct any 'silly' questions to.

She is a very supportive manager, who has an honest, fair and open approach with her team, and who provides constant reassurance and praise when needed to boost morale. This is my first time as a lecturer, and Debra has been supportive throughout the teaching and marking processes. I now feel much more confident with this. Thank you Debra!











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