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Societies Are Now Free To Join!

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CUSU have decided that we want as many students as possible to be able to join Societies and give them an opportunity to make friends, join a community and still create great memories. Therefore, we have made the annual subscription fee that is normally £5... FREE! This means that students can join as many societies as they like with no subscription fee. Everyone who has purchased a subscription this year will be refunded over the coming weeks.

Last academic year we had 100+ societies over a range of categories from Academic, Special Interest, International and Faith. Combined they had a total of over 5100 members. Due to COVID-19 our societies have had to make lots of changes, they have done a fantastic job in adapting their regular acitivity in this really difficult time. They have been creative in finding new ways to provide their members with online activities.We know that for those students who are new this year, may feel lonely in halls or who are isolating, society activities have been a positive student experience for them.

CUSU are also offering societies the chance to make their membership FREE! We are doing this so there are no barriers to any students being able to join. Also, anyone who has paid the fee already this year will be refunded. 25+ societies have already decided to become completely free for all students to join See the list below and click the society for more information:

Faculty of Business and Law

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Faculty of Engineering, Enviroment and Computing

Faculty of Arts and Humanities

Special Interest

International & Cultural

Please email or DM us on Instagram @cusu.societies if you have any society related questions 


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