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Society of the Month: April 2022

A Huge Congratulations to Sikh Society for being award Society of the Month for April!

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A Huge Congratulations to Sikh Soicety for winning Society of the Month for April!

The society collaborated with BOSS (British Organisation of Sikh Students), local Gurudwara (Sikh temple), and Sikh Societies from Warwick Student Union, Aston Students Union and UOB Students Union to deliver the Annual Langar on Campus. They worked closely with their coordinator to effectively plan and execute an extremely successful event.

The Annual Langar on Campus is a noble Annual event hosted by Sikh society. They promoted the message that Sikhs believe in equality and how everyone deserves the same treatment no matter what their background may be. They held Langar on Campus, which fed up to roughly over 450 students. This event was free to everyone, and it brought the community together, by having everyone eat on the floor next to each other. This event attracted a large number of diverse Students who gave amazing feedback about the event. Other universities attended as well, in order to help us at our event.  Additionally, they had lecturers from across the university come and take part in their event, which was nice to see especially since lecturers and students seem separated within university.

In order to make Langar on Campus a success without putting their society under financial pressur, they raised funds. The committee bought samosas and tea on campus and sold them for £1.00 each and raised around £150.00 to help towards Langar on Campus.

Check out their society webpage here!


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