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Women in Engineering secure The Accenture Futures Grant

Women in Engineering Society have secured The Accenture Futures Grant following an application

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Our Women in Engineering society have been organised and engaged this semester, preparing to have a really successful year. They applied for 'The Accenture Futures Grant' which will enable them to host events, attend conferences, welcome guest speakers etc... by providing them the funding and resources necessary. Here is what they have said about it:

"The Accenture Futures Fund/Grant essentially is set up to support societies all over the country that are student-led and promote diversity. The main aim is enabling us to deliver impactful and innovative events for members. 

They fund different areas and we fall into the Gender Equality bracket being the Women in Engineering society. They have agreed to give us £1000 to support our initiatives throughout the year. They have also offered resource like staff members and online platforms to use if we need/would like to. "

It looks to be an extremely exciting year ahead for WES, they deserve a huge congratulations for successfully securing this grant!


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