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Your New Home - Coventry Parks

Before you arrive in Coventry, familiarise yourself with our top five picks of green spaces in the city!

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There are plenty of green areas in Coventry, both in the centre and out towards the peripheral areas of the city. Here are our top five recommendations on parks to visit whilst at Coventry University!

  • War Memorial Park

War Memorial Park is probably the largest park within the city and is just a five-minute walk from the train station. The park is home to the city’s Godiva Festival, which is a three-day long music festival which has previously featured The Wombats, Happy Mondays, local legends The Enemy and this year features Craig David. It is around 2.5km in diameter, so is a perfect place for an afternoon walk with a friend. There is a café, tennis courts, football goalposts, a small pitch and putt and even an aviary on site – so there is plenty to see and do!

  • Spencer Park

Spencer Park is a lot smaller than War Memorial Park but has its own charm. It too is within five minutes of the train station, running alongside Central Six shopping park, and it also has tennis courts on site. If you prefer something a little quieter to the popular War Memorial Park (but just as close to the city centre), then Spencer Park is the perfect destination!

  • Hearsall Common

Hearsall Common is a little further out of town but is close to the student friendly Earlsdon/Spon End areas of the city. It is split by a busy road – one side has a vast green area (where some of the sports team’s train during the summer) whilst the other has a woodland nature reserve and a cycling track. There are a number of local independent cafes, pubs and restaurants within walking distance of Hearsall Common, so if you want an easy break from the City Centre then it’s a five-minute drive away.

  • Lady Herbert’s Garden

As the largest green space within the city centre, Lady Herbert’s Garden is potentially the hidden gem on this list. It contains a protected part of Coventry’s medieval City Walls as well as hundreds of different types of flowers, trees and shrubbery. It can be found beside the Transport Museum and opposite Pool Meadow Bus Station and is often the polar opposite of it’s busy and bustling surroundings. Less than 10-minute walk from Lanchester Library, Lady Herbert Garden is the perfect ‘revision break’ location.

  • Coombe Abbey

If you have a few spare hours, why not take a trip out to Coombe Abbey Country Park? Based just outside of Coventry, you can take a 10/15-minute drive from the centre out to it. There is a huge lake on site, as well as wildflower meadows, a wooded area (complete with zip line climbing area) and the historic Abbey, which holds events nowadays. It’s the perfect location for a big group picnic, so pack the blanket and cool box!

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