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I attended CU Coventry Rep Conference and listened to all the issues students raised and created an action plan with Jordan. Later that day, I chaired the Education committee where we discussed about academic developments for students. During this week, I also met with Richard Hillier and we discussed about the BME attainment Gap research paper.


I attended Reps weekly team Meeting and executive meeting where we discussed about ALL REPS CONFERENCE TERM 2. The Conference was fantastic, we had the NUS Vice President for Higher Education in attendance and senior faculty representatives.


I attended Quality in Learning and Teaching Committee where I submitted a paper to the committee on Student Voice Forum Overview and the paper was appreciated by the committee.


During the third week, elections occurred for the new executive team and I’m happy to announce that I was re-elected to be your Vice President for Education 2018/2019. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you again.


GEM Award Term 2 Award nominations took place and we selected a winner. I also attended CUSU Business Planning Away Day, where we discussed about the business strategic plan for CUSU.


Happy to announce, I have been selected to be on Academic Integrity Working Group and I discussed with the group on how to ensure that student experience is at the heart of every discussion.


Finally, I attended Post-18 Education and Funding Review Meeting where we discussed about the consultation the Prime Minister announced.


I end the update with this quote ‘The important thing is to remember that we should always stand for something, unless we will fall for anything’’.


Yours Faithfully


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