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October Update

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The month of October started with student voice department creating a document along with the planning office of the university. The document explains communities on campus and how CUSU could increase Coventry University’s score in the NSS. CUSU are always keen for students to have increased satisfaction with the quality of their course and therefore, following an analysis of the measurement of student representatives and society alignment against NSS score, there is the belief that the presence of student representatives and/or societies can improve the NSS ‘Overall Satisfaction’ score of a faculty. This document was presented in Quality in Learning and teaching committee of the university by the vice president postgraduate and I. it was said by the deputy vice chancellor for students experience that, ‘’it was the most useful and relevant paper ever presented in the meeting.

The objectives of this research are to continue with the REPS outreach project to ensure that every course is represented by students at every level across the university. To create academic societies across all course, developing with partners such as employability links, speaker programmes, work placements, social activity and links with professional associations.

Following up on that, the Volunteering department organised make a difference day at Zoe’s Place. All the sabbatical team went down there, we were given a tour around the premises. We spent two hours sweeping, cleaning and making the environment more conducive for the children there.

The month of October was Black History Month. It was filled with various activities for students, organised by the students’ union and led by the sabbatical team. The activities during the month were Movie nights; which explained the impact black people have contributed to the world over the years.

Following up on that, BHM fashion show was organised. Different cultural attires were displayed by BME students and fashion designers and I was one of the models.

Another interesting topic around higher education is attainment gap. A panel talk was organised to discuss about ‘Closing the BME Gap- What Should the University Sector Be doing Now?’’. I chaired the event and great speakers from around the country came to discuss on the issue. A working group have been created within the union and we are looking deeply into the issue.

The Finale Event was the Black history month Gala, where awards were given to people that had made significant contributions to BME students within the university and the community itself.

I end the update with this quote ‘The important thing is to remember that we should always stand for something, unless we will fall for anything’’.

Yours Faithfully



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