2nd Report

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Student Warden

The Student Warden scheme aims to improve the relationship between the students and local residents. The Community Wardens will also take part in community volunteering. More than 10 Wardens did a litter pick event and participated in the Student Warden video on the 25th October.


On the 28th October, we also went to a children party event at Thomas King House in Hillfields to make craft and play games with the children, celebrating the Halloween. The Wardens are really keen and have done a great job since last year that the University Press and BBC would like to have an interview with us and know more about the scheme. We had a meet with the University Press on the 7th November, which is a great success. Apart from the Community Wardens, we are going to expand the scheme this year to introduce Hall Wardens. It will be a joint scheme ran by Coventry University and Coventry University Students’ Union. The Hall Wardens will be the first point of call if the students have an issue in their University accommodation. Also, the Hall Wardens will work with the Community Wardens and Tenants Union to ensure Coventry Students have a voice! We did 2 Hall Wardens Outreach last week in Priory Hall and Singer Hall and it’s brilliant that some students have already shown their interest in being a Hall Warden!



DKMS UK, is a charity to globally recruit, retain and motivate stem cell donors to save patients’ lives. It had a stall at the hub to do fundraising and stem cell recruitment on the 26th October. It was a great volunteering opportunity for students to understand more about blood cancer and what we can do to help.

Besides community volunteering, we had our student-led Gen2Gen training on the 9th November. Gen2Gen is an ICT project that Coventry University students help the local community especially the elderly with their digital devices, which won a Coventry University Excellence Award in the Community Engagement Initiative category. There were 20 volunteers attended the training and we talked about the purpose and plans of the project. Volunteers also did some scenarios and communication activities.

Student Volunteer Team (SVT)

Sophie, who is the Student Volunteering Coordinator, and I went to the Student Volunteering Week (SVW) regional meeting, which was organised by the Student Volunteering Network, in Nottingham with our 3 Student Volunteer Team members. The meeting separated into two groups: the students and the staff meeting. It was a great chance for our SVT to meet with the volunteers from other Universities and share their ideas. Different Universities will work together for the plans of SVW, which will be in February.  We are all looking forward to it!

We had Light Painting and Face Painting workshops on 26th October and 16th November respectively for the SVT. They learnt how to do face painting and light painting for further events and we all had great fun with positive feedback. We are also planning our Volunteering Winter Social event, which will be held on 7th December from 5-7pm at Phoenix. More information will be coming up soon, please keep your eyes on the website!


Black History Month Gala

Around 100 students attended the Black History Month Gala at Sport Connexion on 27th October with great atmosphere and wonderful songs. Awards were given out to celebrate the students and staff who have contributed and made a difference to the community.


All Student Meeting (ASM): Don’t Duck Out of Democracy!

All Student Meeting is the biggest and most important meeting of the year to know students’ views and ensure their voice has been heard. It was held on 15th November and all the motions have been passed.


Buddy Scheme

I'm working on a new scheme for the international postgraduate students who are coming to study at Coventry University in January. The buddies will be helping the new students for a minimum of 6 weeks and there is a main theme per week. The application will open from next week!


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