3rd Report (December & January)

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Buddy Scheme

The Buddy Scheme is a new scheme that is going to be launched in late January! This is a 4-weeks programme for the new postgraduate students. We have selected 11 buddies in early December and did some training sessions on the 17th of January given by the Volunteering department, Postgraduate Unit, Advice Centre and International Office. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all my colleagues and the buddies for their contributions. All of them are enthusiastic and getting ready to meet you all! The new postgraduate students who have registered with us, please don’t forget we are going to have a social event on the 27th of January! Pizzas, snacks, and tea/coffee will be provided and we will pair you up with your buddy on that day with several activities. I’m looking forward to it!



Student Warden

We had a great success this month as more people have been aware of our project. During mid-December, I had a photo shoot with one of the representatives from the local residents to raise the awareness of the importance of a good relationship between students and local residents and we really hope to participate in more community events in the future. One of the events both the wardens and staff did was helping with the Cyrenians to wrap Christmas presents for the homeless people. The student wardens' efforts are also recognised by the BBC. On the 11th of January, BBC did an interview and filming with the wardens, which is a great start for the community to know what we do and the purposes of our scheme (https://www.facebook.com/midlandstoday/videos/10154883775739761/?pnref=story). We will have a promotion stall on the coming Tuesday (24/1) during the Refresher’s Week to recruit both Hall and Community Wardens, and members of the Tenants Union. Come and speak to us on that day and we would like to have you in our big family!  


The new Reward System will be introduced in early February. It will be a three-stages system: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The required hours of voluntary work will be 25, 50, 100 hours respectively. Students just need to log their volunteering hours on the website with the referees. In each stage, students may receive different rewards such as certificates, badges, T-shirts or hoodies.

Besides, we are planning our Theme Months and Student Volunteer Week (SVW). More information of volunteering opportunities related to Culture and Heritage will be up from this coming week and next week, and the SVW is from the 20th of February to 23rd of February. There are different MADDs (one-off event) too! Register with our volunteering department and look for the opportunities you are interested in!


ASM Passed Motion: Self-Defence Classes

The motion of having self-defence classes for women has been passed through All Student Meeting. Throughout these two months, I have been working with my colleagues and the karate club to organise the classes. It will be a two-days programme in March and the students who complete the programme will get a certificate. More information will be coming up soon.


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