I will work with the Advice Centre and get involved in the advisory group to support students through different campaigns and do prevention rather than waiting until the problem happened. I may also consider more on the accommodation issues, police registration, the worriment of new students’ first arrivals, and students’ health and well-being.

1)   Accommodation

Housing problem becomes a serious issue especially for the international students in the UK. I may organise CUSU activities such as Housing Advice Week and suggest providing short-period free accommodation for the new students whilst house hunting.

2)   Police Registration

I understand the international students may find difficulty to do it within 7 days. Therefore, I may propose to invite the West Midland Police come to the University for the registration or create a specific registration period for Coventry University students only in Birmingham Police station.

3)   Worriment of New Students

The students may feel anxious about what to do and how life will be during their first arrivals. A new project ‘Student Buddies Scheme’, which runs by the Sabbatical officers and current students, will be developed step by step to help the new students with daily life questions and things related to University as to help new students get into University quicker and share each other’s cultures to avoid cultural differences.  

4)   Health and Well-being

I may promote joint activities to raise awareness of what service is available and how to access it. An ‘open space’ facility will be suggested at a regular time for students who want to have a chat and meet people. Related-course students can take shifts there as an internship.



I will recruit more wardens in the coming year. Apart from community wardens, new posts such as senior wardens and hall wardens will be created to make the team stronger. A social event will be organised after the fresher’s week for the students who are interested in being a warden. Moreover, more community events and patrols will be introduced and carried on throughout the year.


I know it will be a great year to work with all the staffs, the other 5 sabbatical officers, faculty chairs, student councillors and YOU! I really look forward to meeting you all in the coming September!


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