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We had 4 meetings with the Student Volunteer Team (SVT) so far and I also had one to one session with the SVT members to have a better communication. Apart from the SVT, I went to the Gen2Gen Meeting at Central Library and we have started to plan the student’s led projects. We also had a day trip to Warwick University to meet with their volunteering department and see what we can do together in this coming year. Last week was our Get Involved Week. We had micro-volunteering on Monday and student’s led projects promotion on Tuesday. On Wednesday, it was our volunteering fair, which was a great success as more than 700 students attended the fair. For the one-off events, there were 16 students turned up for the clothes bank. We would like to have a new reward system for the students as well which is in our progress.



I had meetings with the VC to see whether we can provide few days free accommodation for the new international students next academic year to reduce their worriment and encourage them to come to Coventry earlier. Also, the housing booklet will be launched hopefully in mid-November to give some tips and advice for the students when they are doing house hunting. Another thing I’m working on is the Buddy Scheme. It aims to help the new students to get into University easier and we are waiting for a staff to get in place so that we can introduce the scheme. I also went to the welcome event to meet the disabled students and help them with creating more car parking space and fitting the hooks in toilet.  


The warden scheme is to improve the relationship between the students and local residents. This year, we tried to expand the scheme and we are recruiting hall wardens as well. We did the promotion during fresher’s week by having a stall and doing hall induction talk and there are about 60 students have showed their interest in it. I have also attended 2 meetings with a resident association to see what we can do to make better improvement. We had a warden social event on 14th October to celebrate the success of last year and this was a great chance for the students to meet our current wardens. At the moment, we have already recruited 5 wardens and we will have a video filming tomorrow.

During these few months, we also met with the staff from different departments to see what we can help the students such as the international office, Culturae Mundi and Guide to Campus. We took some videos to engage students to get involved in the Students’ Union and to know more about the tips when they first come to the University. I also went to the airport for welcoming the new students!


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