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This Month has been wonderful and amazing, full of meetings and plans have been made for the Freshers week and I’m really looking forward to that week, I have also been able to finalise the plans for the societies training with my team which will be holding on the 20th of September 2017, this will be very exciting because this will be the first time, I will be meeting every society committee member.

On the 29th of August 2017, I left for the RAG (Raise and Give) Conference which was held at the University of Southampton, it lasted for three days and it was fantastic, I met so many RAG officers from different Universities who have done wonderful things towards working with various Charity organisations and Raising money as well.

During the Conference, I attended different session like; Leading from the front, succeeding as a small RAG, A marriage of success forming Great RAG + Charity Partnerships.

The sessions I had attended taught me a whole lot and this is because I was able to learn and get as many information about RAG and many more, the tutors were amazing, they had taken their time to explain everything in detail and gave us the opportunities to ask questions at the end.

The Charity Fair was amazing, because it was a good time to meet and talk directly with some of their representatives who have put a lot of efforts into growing their organisations, I got to chat with over 50 organisations in the UK who offer students different challenges and volunteering experiences both home and abroad. I also had an opportunity to ask them questions during the Charity Panel Staff networking session.

The NaSFA AGM was on Thursday and this was the best time to ask questions, pass motions for the year ahead, also we elected the new NaSFA Committee team, and lastly, we voted UWE as the next place to host the RAG conference for next year.

In conclusion, the RAG conference was a wonderful opportunity for me and I will recommend this for anybody who will like to attend the conference, it is a good place to learn and get motivation no matter how small your RAG is, it made me to understand things a lot better and with this even if Coventry RAG is new, I have the hope that it will grow.

I also supported Burmun and Ade in running the exams stress campaign for students, we gave out fruits and water to so many students and most of them were very happy with this and with the feedback it shows that students are always happy when supported during this hectic period at the University. 


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