December/ January Update

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At the Beginning of the month, the Chinese society hosted an event, in preparations towards the Chinese New Year Gala Event, which will hold on the 22nd of Feb 2018.

The Chinese Got Talent, was very fantastic, with amazing people who performed on the day, a lot of Students and Parents attended the event and it was successful.

I attended 2 Carol Services, one hosted by the Christian Union and another hosted in Square one by the University.

The Sabbs and I, went on an accommodation tour with Future lets, we went to Cycle works, Priory Hall and Quadrant Hall, the purpose of this tour was to see the new social space, study rooms and Games room for students’ staying at the accommodation.

Before the Christmas Holiday, I held a meeting with all the Societies Committee Official to elect, new Committees for the Academic year. I equally spoke to them about Refreshers week and how they can prepare ahead to avoid any delays of their Marketing Materials.

January has been amazing, it started with an Exams stress campaign, I supported the VP Postgraduate and VP Education, we went around the University, sharing fruits and water to Student’s writing exams.

Burmun and I, went for Research student Hooternanny, it was a workshop set out for Research students, a good number of PHD students attended, and the purpose was to give them more information’s and various research methods to use, including a Cube and Lego.

The International office organised a workshop meeting, to discuss the gap between them and the Students’ Union, also the problem facing International students’ and how to make their experience better when they come to the University. It was a good meeting, because we wrote down different ideas and had discussions around the idea.

Post Graduate Coffee morning was great, and I attended a meeting at Alma Building, with Burmun to talk about having a mobile app for students’

I had a meeting with the Sustainability team, to discuss the Green week, will be happen in March, and during the housing fair, there was a sustainability stall, it was good because, different students’ came along and we promoted the Go Green week.

We also had our first societies Committee Meeting which was great. I met with the new Committee officials and we decided on different issues that affect societies, and at the end we elected the new Society Committee Officer.

On the 25th of January was the Societies Fair. It was colourful and amazing and had the opportunity to go around different stalls, speaking to the Society officials about different things and took some photos as well.

New societies have also been approved, by the Exec team, Consulting in Business, PENSA, Treasure House, Women in Design,

I also, attended various Induction Talks, and promoted the Students’ Union and gave them information, on how to get involved.

I was invited to attend the opening of the new HLS Building, it was a wonderful event, I was excited to meet the special guests that attended the event, it was an amazing networking event, I had the opportunity to interact and network with so many people at the opening.

Sustainability Committee meeting was held, and it was a good platform, we came up with various ideas for the Go green week and the committee.


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