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February was filled with different Events and meetings that occurred during the month.

I attended the, Sustainability Committee Meeting, were we discussed different policies and plans towards Green week, we all came up with different themes to represent the days of the week.

MONDAY- Meat free

TUESDAY- Turn off

WEDNESDAY – Waste not

THURSDAY- Tranquil

FRIDAY - Fresh Air

SATURDAY - Sustainable

SUNDAY – Social Sunday

We also organised a movie night, to show “To the Ends of the Earth”, we had over 20 Students at the movie night.

Student Media Committee Meeting: we discussed upcoming events and how the committee can help in promoting and filming various CUSU events.

BME Committee Meeting: I was invited to this meeting, to discuss ideas for Black History Month.

The Cycle Works opening event, I was part of the Art judging Panel, also helped in speaking to the photo Club Society, who assisted in taking photos during the event and Litter picks.

ASM: The meeting went very well, and it was wonderful, all the motions submitted passed.

As an NUS Delegate, a meeting was set, to discuss possible motions that will be submitted to the National Conference.

The Entertainment Committee organised the Blind Date event, which was fun and very successful.

Chinese New Year: In preparation for the Chinese New Year, the Chinese society had organised a Chinese Market at the University square, to engage and speak to different people about their culture. The Market was official opened by the Lord Mayor, and a Dragon show was done afterwards.

We had a Q&A session with Sky Yarlett, were we discussed different topics about the parliament, we also had the opportunity to ask questions during the session.

I supported the Exams stress campaign for CU Coventry, on the 16th of Feb we shared out free fruits and water to students.

I also worked with the societies team to organise, an Election training for all societies officials, just to make them aware of the Elections process for societies.

New Societies – Flying Club, Warhammer.









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