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The Nigerian Student Union UK organised an event at the Nigerian High Commision in London on the 20th of September, they had invited all Nigerian student Leaders in the UK to the conference, also in attendance was the High commissioner, Minister/Head consular 'Education and Welfare, Nigerian Universities Commission representatives, Nigerian Community Leaders and other Senior Consular Heads.  It was a wonderful Conference because we all had the opportunity to voice out every issue, Nigerian students have been facing over the years, especially with getting Visas to other countries, Passport issues, and lack of communication between the Embassy and Nigerians living or studying in the UK.    During the event, everyone had the opportunity to get involved in the Q and A session, which was very successful, in addition to this, the organisers gave a speech and thanked everyone who attended the event, refreshments where given and the acting High Commissioner assured us that every issue we had raised had been noted down and they will do their very best to solve them.  I had learnt so many things from this Conference, and I wish to implement them in every possible way, to avoid these problems in future, although I know that everything takes time and according to them it will be sorted one step at a time as these are thing which affect almost every Nigerian student here in the UK   At the end I received a certificate of appreciation in recognition of exceptional leadership and commitment to the welfare and development of Nigerian students in the UK.   It was wonderful Conference, and I will recommend every Nigerian student leader to attend, whenever the opportunity is given, because that is the only time in the year we are given the platform to voice out and get our voices heard in the UK. 


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