November Update

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The month of November was filled with so many challenges and targets to reach, I’m working towards recruiting the News Manager for Source Media, who will then lead the Student Media committee meetings.

I attended the Sustainability meeting, were we discussed different ideas on how to make students understand what sustainability really means, also the plans to make people aware of the sustainable development goals. The plans for Green week was also discussed, on the 9th of November 2017 I went down to Warwick University to attend the first Green Week meeting with Coventry City Council and Warwick, at the end of the meeting we had set out the Action points, to work on. A logo was approved ad settled and we will be having another meeting soon.




On the 7th and 8th of November, NUS held the Student eats Conference and Student Sustainability Summit at Square one, a lot of student from various student union had attended the conference.

It was a Conference filled with different topics to learn from various companies and students who have made an impact towards making the world a more sustainable place.

I opened the conference with a speech to welcome staff and students who had attended the conference, I was also able to tell them more about CUSU and the services we offer, including organising the “Go Green Week” every year in collaboration with Warwick University and the Coventry City Council. I spoke about the new Sustainability Committee Officer and Sustainability Coordinator, and mentioned how CUSU is working closely with the University to encourage more students to learn how to be more sustainable in their everyday life.

I attended different break-out sessions;

 Technology and the Future of Food: This topic was based on different aspects, for example Open food network- Being able to give consumers access to sustainable food using the latest tech.

Lydia Allen from The Environment now discussed how they are offering young people aged 17-24 a grant of up to £10,000, which can be used to develop new tech solutions. Also, stated that the ideas will need to be focused around Reducing waste. Example of projects they have funded in the past was showed to us like; Thermo Drone, Omini-Go (An App), Yellow label Tech (An App, which will help to reduce waste in Supermarkets by showing live food reductions.

Building Relationships for a successful Enterprise: This Topic gave us ideas on how to find stall holders, by: Visiting Local Markets, speaking to local students/member of staff, Internet searches for local busineses. We also discussed the challenges that comes with these factors, while contacting stall holders, even if you send them an email, you will need to follow up with a phone call at some point to avoid delays.

Growing on a shoestring, making you growing site affordable: A talk given to discuss how the setting up and maintaining of a growing space can be difficult without much funding. Different ideas were given about low cost growing, namely; Creating Brands that people can get involved with and selling is another way of engaging people.

Growing on Campus- Hydroponics and Edible Spaces; This process of growing food is different, because you can use less water (it is useful, if you’re in a disaster zone or not close to clean water).

The process of using Hydroponics to grow food.

(1). Soil-less Gardening Technique

(2). With or without lightening

(3). Closed Loop System

(4). Nutrient Solution.


The Pros of using Hydroponics

(1). Uses 90% less water

(2). No need for pesticides

(3). Quick to grow - Harvest Herbs in 3 weeks

(4). It promotes food Sovereignty.


There was a Panellist Talk, with topics such as; Making the world a better place through food, the awareness on Education, do people know what to do, about sustainability.

Some of the interesting ideas, I got from the panel talk were: “Community Fridge” this is used in campuses and Halls, so people could donate food that is nice and healthy into the fridge and anybody can in and take food from this fridge. (2) food growing: encouraging and teaching people how to grow their own food, (3) Universities could invest in community kitchen (people can raise money out of this, students can cook and maintain this kitchen. (4) Managing Campus food market, and any excess food from the market goes into Food Bank.

The conference was fantastic, I learnt a lot and took notes for references, very interesting and I will love to attend any conference that teaches people about sustainability. It is good for people to be aware of what the world holds and how to make an impact to their own community.

The food was amazing as well, and it was a very good networking event, panel talk, and students from different student union who are very keen to make an impact to their unions and community.


On the 13th of Nov, the Sabb team and I, volunteered for Warwickshire Wildlife trust at claybrookes, we went out for the day, to help in making a difference to the community. Tools were given out and we cleared the surroundings, helped in cutting down the trees, to prevent them from developing into wood lands.

At the end of the day, we succeeded in doing a good job, by clearing the surroundings and packing up the wood logs into one spot, at the end of the day it was a very challenging, stressful, Cold, and wonderful day, but I’m Happy that my team and I cleared at the site successfully and made a great impact to the surroundings and community. Making a difference in the community is one of the best and exciting thing to do and it is something to be happy about once you have the time to engage in any activity.

On the 28th of Nov, together with the societies coordinators, we have been able to set dates for the societies committee elections, which will occur in December, hopefully before everyone travels for Christmas, we will be having our first committee meeting.

Lastly, I’m Happy to announce that we have new societies namely: Drone, Engineering consulting, Hackathon, League of Legends, Persian, Pole-Fitness. TEDx, Games Design and Development.


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