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Food bank work was a blessing for Blessing

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Blessing Akhigbe (pictured centre) is a Masters student studying Information Technology and she has recently been helping out at the Coventry food bank.

It was the second time that she has volunteered to work at the food bank as she thought it was a useful resource for the community.

Blessing said:

“The first time I volunteered there, I was helping to sort out sheets and duvet covers and then packing them ready for delivery to those who needed them.

“For my second visit, I was looking after the food and sorting out the tins and packaged items according to their expiry dates, so that the food that needs to be eaten first was distributed first

“The thing that amazed me, was just how generous people are by donating food to places like this as they rely heavily on donations from the public to keep going.

“Because of the current climate, there are more families and individuals than ever in the UK who are making use of food banks and this one in Coventry is right in the heart of the community, and is well used.”

As with all our student volunteers, they give up their time because they want to help others and to give something back to the community. Blessing is no exception.

She said:

“I volunteered because I wanted to use some of my time to help others. I’ve seen numerous programmes on television where people have volunteered their services to rebuild homes after a natural disaster and I think they are all heroes.

“Volunteering with the Coventry food bank has been amazing. Knowing that I have helped with such a worthy cause by sorting out food and clothes for people in desperate need is quite humbling.  

“In addition to helping other people, my experience of volunteering has helped me to develop my team-working skills as I get to meet so many different people from other countries and we work, as one, for a common cause.

“Overall, it has been a great experience and I will be volunteering again in the future."


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