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Sheep run amok in the Hub

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Sheep run amok in the Hub

It was like a scene from “Carry on Farming” when the sheep from CUSU’s stress-busting event went berserk and did a runner in The Hub on Monday 29 April.

Staff were chasing the sheep around the building trying to herd them back into the pen to take them to University Square in time for the student-focused event to take place.

Kitt Duff, one of the organisers, said:

“It was absolute chaos. Larry and Lavinia simply did not want to go to the square until they’d had a good look around The Hub and decided to take the lift up to the first floor in order to help themselves to some salad from the food court.

“It took us a good 20 minutes to coax them out of the building and they didn’t even pay for their food. We had to baa-ter with the catering staff”.

When asked for a comment, Larry said:

“Speak to the hoof, cos the face ain’t listening! Anyway, you’ll have to talk louder cos I’m a bit mutton jeff!” (Cockney rhyming slang)

However, the animal antics were not over as the two Shetland ponies decided to take a pony and trap (also cockney rhyming slang) on the floor of the Alan Berry building moments before they had to appear in the square.

An embarrassed Kitt said:

“The whole purpose of this event was to act as a stress-buster for students who are taking exams, but I think at the end of the event, I was the one who was stressed and might have to take the day off to recover – however, I’ve got to buy a shovel first so I can start clearing up the mess!”

Well, you know what they say, never work with animals or children!!

Larry going up for some salad!


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