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Week of events to promote volunteering

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Week of events to promote volunteering

It was the annual Volunteering Fair on Wednesday 31 October 2018, which formed part of the University’s Get Involved Week.

Students were encouraged to come to the Fair to meet representatives from over 40 charities who were looking for student volunteers.

The fair is the best way to match students with organisations who need help because only by talking to each other, can they decided whether or not they are a good match.

Organisations represented ranged from community groups and national charities working with anything from Gorilla Trek to United Nationals and everything else in between.

Get Involved Week is the showcase for the volunteering team to attract new students. The range of activities on offer are to promote what students can sign up for. There is no long term commitment, as projects can be a couple of hours or several hours, depending on what is needed.

Fran Docherty, the Student Life Assistant Manager hopes that the Get Involved Week has encouraged first year students to give volunteering a go.

She said:

“For some students, volunteering is already a way of life as they have previous experience in their local community. We find that those with enthusiasm will continue to lend their support while they are studying and hopefully encourage others.

“We get so much positive feedback from the organisations that have had student volunteers because they bring a new dimension to the charities. Young volunteers have a set of skills that are needed, like social media, marketing or website design and they can bring these skills to the organisation.

“Our students also benefit because they are working alongside experienced professionals in a working environment which will be so much use to them when they are applying for jobs after they graduate. Volunteering is an excellent way to get the experience that employers are looking for from graduates and that is why we offer such a varied programme of opportunities.”

 It is harder to get funding for charities and so the work volunteers do for them in most cases, can keep them going.

Over the past 12 months, students have delivered 40 of the volunteering days - more than double numbers last year – and helping a record number of 22 organisations, including the Canal & River Trust, Myton Hospice, Coventry Foodbank, Warwickshire Wildlife Trust, and Zoe’s Place – most of whom were represented at this year’s Volunteering Fair.

Coventry University has and ongoing commitment to charitable organisations with hundreds of undergraduate and postgraduate students regularly volunteering with charities and community organisations each academic year.

If the latest Get Involved Week is anything to go by, then next year should be even better.

Thank you to all the students who took part in the week and we look forward to seeing you at other events throughout the year.




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