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10 Add+vantages to the Covid-19 Lockdown!

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Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, things are working a little different around University. One in particular is how students are completing their modules without face to face support or lectures. We understand how difficult this may be, so we have come up with 10 ways that you can carry out activities linked to your Add+vantage module! This also makes you eligible for your Leadership Award (Another great achievement for your CV!).


    1. Learn a New Skill

Taking time to learn a new skill! A great website for this is Future Learn - where you can search for courses varying from teaching, to business, psychology. These would make great transferable skills that employers will be looking for.


    2. Learn a New Language

There’s no better time to pick up a new language! We even have our very own British Sign Language module which you can choose when the Add+vantage window opens! If you’re interested in sign language, check out our Instagram page @CUSU.Employability every Monday for a new #TimeToSign where we have our British Sign Language Lecturers, Marian and Ruth, giving us a new sign every week! This will definitely make you stand out from other graduates!


    3. Practice your Presentation Skills

Presentation skills are crucial for graduates to develop, especially if you are looking to apply for Graduate roles. Some may even have you do presentations for the interview! Get rid of some of them nerves by nailing presentations now! You’ll be glad you did later on. A great way to gain confidence doing this is picking a topic that you know inside out and having short precise notes to get you into the rhythm! Practice makes perfect.


    4. Volunteer as an Online Translator

Due to the current pandemic we are in, lots of companies are looking for online volunteers. Of course, volunteering is something that is always going to stand out for employers as it shows your work ethic. Make sure you show that even in the global pandemic, you have your drive and determination to gain those crucial transferable skills! Check out the following link on how to explore this volunteering opportunity -

    5. Online Teacher Training

Want to get experience in Teacher Training but can’t leave the house due to social distancing? We’ve got your back! Check out the following websites looking for people for just a few hours a week to volunteer in teaching. The subjects vary as well as the ages of the students. Give it a go and let us know how you get on through our Social Media![]=field_task_id:9


    6. Online Art & Design Voluntary Work

Art & Design can be a tricky area to catch a break into so it’s important to jump at every opportunity. Here, we have found lots of voluntary opportunities to put your skills to work and to add to your portfolio for future employers! -[]=field_task_id:11


    7. Online Admin Voluntary Work

See your career going down the Administration route? Get all the experience you can whilst gaining the skills you will need the most! You can gain these skills through the Future Learning website from number 1 or through the voluntary work advertised here -[]=field_task_id:735  Either way you’ll be well prepped for any interviews coming your way!


    8. Fundraising & Outreach Online

Are you a social media wiz and know how to communicate and reach specific audiences? Maybe Fundraising and Outreach Voluntary work is for you! You can put your skills to the test to help companies gain social media presence and excel online. Check out the following opportunities here -[]=field_task_id:739


    9. Online Mentor for Young People

The Prince’s Trust is looking for volunteers to be an online contact for young people to access to receive online support and encouragement in terms of finding work or starting their own business. If this sounds like something you can do, get in touch -


    10. Good with Data?

Zooinverse are looking for volunteers who are good with data to help them with theirs! You can be helping with classifications on data, being a beta tester on projects, and being a moderator for a project. For those who want to get into Data Analysis, this can’t be missed!


Don’t forget that all of these options qualify you for a Leadership Award! For more info on the Leadership Award click here  -



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