Dan Holmes - #ThisIsCUSU

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Our Final Feature Is Dan, The Coventry University London CUSU Coordinator.
"I've been working for CUSU in Coventry University London since September 2017 for the launch of CUSU London. My journey to this position started in m first year of university when I became a Course Representative and started building an interest in extra curricular activities that I wanted to be involved with during my time at university. I was part of several sports teams, lead a team for a year and ran campaigns in my third year whilst I was an elected part-time officer. I then moved on to working part time as a Societies Coordinator and a few months after finishing my degree I started working for CUSU. Working on developing students' union activities on a campus that didn't previously have a union for the first time has had its challenges but seeing how students have benefited from having CUSU on campus is extremely rewarding as I ultimately see that being an active part of your Students' Union creates a community on campus and students get more out of their time at university than just a degree, we aid students to build skills they wouldn't necessarily get in class and have fun doing so"


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