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Immi Annoor - #ThisIsCUSU

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Say hello to Immi, your current Coventry University London Campus Officer. Immi was elected in Spring 2018 to push forward the needs and suggestions of students to enhance the student experience and ensure the student voice is heard!

"I'm currently a second-year Global Business management Student. I actively sought out to get involved with the Students' Union because I wanted to make a difference! I could see the areas of improvement that could be made so I signed up to be a course rep in my first year and that's where my journey started! Since finding out more about CUSU I realised that my opinions and suggestions could be heard and made into an actuality by having the opportunities to attend meetings with other like-minded students and the University staff. The support provided by CUSU staff has been incredible and they really pushed me to achieve my goals as a Campus officer and as a student. It has provided me with the chance to network amongst the University staff and learn more about how students can become so empowered by getting involved with CUSU and I would hugely encourage it"



Ashiklal Pyarilal
9:19am on 22 Jan 20 Heya, Thank you so much for being a great support to all the students here. I would like to raise a suggestion which would be great if implemented. There are many students from different countries and cultures studying at our university. Many of them have many different talents apart from being glued to studies and study-related trips. There are many singers, musicians, dancers, poets, rappers, actors, artists and sports professionals among us. If these talents were showcased properly by the university, it would not only increase the spirit and interest in the students to come to uni but will also increase the value of the university among other universities as being one that supports their student's inner talents. Being a National level dancer, film choreographer and Zumba fitness instructor, I myself have identified a lot of talents and professional sports players in our campus. Please arrange a cultural and sports team that can support the student's talents. I believe a similar team is there in the coventry main campus
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