Staff vs Students Football Match

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Friday, May 17th, the day, especially the student team captain, Harry, had all been waiting for - the Staff vs Student 9-a-side football match. 

The weather was overcast, with a slight drizzle, just enough to make the astroturf at Bobby Moore Academy pitch a slip and slide and would have made for rather comedic selection outtakes of students and staff falling over.

Both teams started off strong getting to know their counterparts and the mentality of the team. Soon the students spotted the slight, lack of fitness amongst the staff and used this to their advantage running them down and wearing them out to create gaps in the defence to slip in a few goals early on in the game. But towards the end of the first half, the staff got into their stride by bringing back a couple of goals before the half time whistle helped by the late arrival of one team member! The halftime score sat at 6 -2 to the students but was their confidence going to their downfall into the second half?

Going into the second half after the loss of one of their players the staff recruited a student on to their team to level out the playing fields to keep the match going. What started out to be a wise decision to take the extra player the staff soon saw where the alliances lay with some easy shots missed by the student and seeing that students had taken to goal hanging and 'forgetting' about the offside rule. But the staff carried on a strong defence and strong attacking runs through the second half trying to close the gap in the score. But as the minutes counted down the last minute goals didn't make the result of the game any different.

The final score at the end of the day was 13 - 7 to the students, despite a few uncalled offsides that led to goals the staff graciously allowed the students to boost their egos so that for the rematch we can thrash them with a full team of 9. 

Man of the Match well and truly goes to Ian from the IT team - an unstoppable force on the pitch. 

Wooden Spoon prize - Harry Oziri solely because he was a team captain and arriving 30 minutes late and being a goal hanger. 


All jokes aside it was a pleasure for the staff and the students to get the chance to play a game against each other building our community on campus. It was great to have students turn up and give it there all for a somewhat deserving win… We're already looking forward to the future to arrange more opportunities like this with the support and engagement from you as students. if you have any suggestions for games you would like to play against the staff here please get in touch and we'll see what we can do!





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